Toronto Central Soccer Club (TCSC)

About Us

The Toronto Central Soccer Club (TCSC) was created in 1992 in the central region of Toronto to promote and develop the game of soccer. Founded by Frank Espinoza, the Club wanted to give its members the opportunity to develop their character and confidence. Frank believed that soccer not only enhanced an individual’s physical and mental state, but also helped them to develop leadership skills that would enable them to become responsible members of their community. Click here to see our current constitution.

The TCSC has developed into one of the largest women’s soccer clubs in Toronto. It provides an environment that is challenging, supportive, safe and fun so that women 18 years of age or older, and of all skill levels can enjoy the game. Throughout the years, the TCSC has received many awards from its governing bodies, including the Toronto Soccer Association and the Ontario Soccer Association, for its work in promoting the game of soccer.

The Board of Directors and its membership are deeply grateful for the endless work of Frank Espinoza in furthering women’s soccer in Toronto, and it is in his memory that we continue to promote women’s soccer in Toronto (women’s soccer league toronto).

Board of Directors

President Tara Jan
Vice-President Holly Convery
Secretary Heini Davies
Treasurer Vanessa Underwood
Competitive Director Emily Stork-Benes
Recreational Director Lizz Poser
Head Referee Silvio Aguayo

Discipline Committee

Discipline Chair Barbara Lawrence